China South City (CSC):
Nangling ASEAN Exhibition
and City Center Proposal

This is a 2.4 km² development proposal for a new business city center that consist of developing a mega shopping center, a convention center, ASEAN exhibition center, a convention center and multiple HOSPCA Due the nature of the size, the design is based on a radial design to reduce the distances and allow programs to be more traversable. The site planning creates three radial zones that help distinguish the three major programs. The exterior ring program are the multiple HOPSCAS and the 800,000m² ASEAN exhibition halls, the middle ring program contains the 600,000m² megamall and the central ring is solely dedicated for the 210,000 m² convention center

The ASEAN 800,000m² exhibition halls contains thirteen 41,000m² exhibit space and support area. The design uses the outer edge perimeter for loading, while the exhibition frontage a single curve slanted surfaces that becomes the brand. This concept is also expressed through the roof design.

The megamall contains six 100,000m² clusters. The cluster design is used to create a place for each of the malls. The design helps create multiple outdoor spaces to help establish gathering and social spaces within the design. The form is a free flow design that blends roof, exterior terraces to create a variety of mall spaces to accommodate various retail program requirements.

The 210,000 m² convention center sits in the middle of the project and is configured as multi cluster design. The cluster design enables halls to function independently and enables the convention center to host multiple events. Each exhibition hall is created from a three leaf canopy and each hall is connected through a one leaf canopy. The exhibition hall skin design was conceived through the thinking of a pineapple skin, where each opening consists of quad panels on a curve surface. Due to the curvature of the surface, it allows slits to form and gives each exhibition hall natural evenly diffused indirect light.

Site Location:
22°48'43.89"N, 108°12'7.33"E
Naning (南宁), China

Design Intent:

Project Team:

Norman Lo (Project Leader), Tony Harrington, Hu Zhi Guang (胡志光), Luo Jian Cheng (罗剑成) Mason Ng,

Parts Responsible: Designed and Modeled Exhibition Center, Convention Center and the Complex.