China South City (CSC):
Nanchang 4S Auto Mall Proposal

This 471,000 m² proposal is to create a new experience in buying and selling car and related products. The design is inspired by Turin's Lingotto fiat factory, which includes a test drive course on the roof. The mega program assortment creates more than a 4s car dealership, it creates a place to provide the ultimate car buying experience and a place for the for China's car enthusiast to gather and discuss cars. The 4s dealership is a new typology that is appearing in China. The 4s dealership stands for the programs that it provides, which are Service, Sale, Spare parts and Survey. These types of dealerships give the advantage over other car dealerships by providing thorough services and will become the first choice for car buyers.

The design creates a place for 36 different car dealerships, with a 2396 meter long used car dealership and a 1750 meter long test drive course. The concept is not to only create a place for buying cars but to help develop a place for car culture to be born. The design goals is to create a place where car manufactures and enthusiast can host annual car shows and to be considered as the place for car manufactures to reveal new cars.

Nanchang, Jiangxi, China

Design Concept:
The design focuses on the allowing the first floor to be a showroom of multiple 4s auto dealerships, which are independently designed by each dealership. The following upper floor is an auto part mall that both the 4s dealerships and the use car dealership have access to. Due to the program placement, it gives the opportunity for new car buyers to buy accessories or used car customers to buy parts to repair their used car. Above the used car lot and dealership is a 1750m test drive course allows visitors to test new cars from the 4s dealerships or used cars. The drive course is partially covered by a reflective surface that allows the people approaching the project to see the test drive course and the events that are taking place on the roof. The sub ground floors are used for visitor parking.

The used car lot functions as two continuous adjacent spirals. The folded design allows cars be able to traverse up to the roof or traverse down the fourth floor then down a spiral ramp to east or west exit. The central ramp serves as a bridge for the two spirals circulation. The central bridge also serves as car lifts for the 4s dealerships to the test drive course. Within the used car lot there are multiple used car dealerships scattered along the interior atrium.

One of the major concerns for the client is the cost of the facade, which is about 1500m long and has a surface area of 25300m². The facade design needed to be porous, and modular. One scheme is to create a spaced screen system that is able to insert color panels to create the curve wave forms. The other facade proposal uses modular GRC extruded pipes that are mounted on the facade frame.